1. I didn’t wake up today

    I didn’t wake up this morning. I died last night. You see I couldn’t take it anymore. No, my life wasn’t unbearable. There actually wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle day to day. It was simply the problem just finally won out over my will power. The problem I had been dealing with for so long. You see for many years I have felt like I have lived on an island all by myself. Not like Gillig…Read More

  2. The Emotion of Texting

    I remember as a kid getting letters from my grandmother for my birthday. She would send a card and then with the same stationary that she seemed to write all of her letters on, she would write a letter about how her and grandfather were doing. She would update me on how things were going and how they had been. She would also ask how things were with me and my family. Every time I got that letter I…Read More

  3. Time for a new legacy

    Most people typically enjoy this time of year. Children getting excited for the summer. Time for playing, swimming, sleeping in, and most importantly – no school. The weather is warming up and more and more people are outside enjoying the fresh air. Some are even taking their leisure time to the lake or on vacation. However, something weird seemed to hit me a little differently this year. I star…Read More

  4. Dealing with Bullies

    A lot is being made this days about zero tolerance for bullies. Schools have developed specific policies on how to handle such students so as to provide a safe environment for all students to learn. I’ve heard many arguments on these policies, for and against the topic. Believe it or not there are people who believe that this is a necessary part of youth in order to strengthen the character of c…Read More

  5. Dealing with tragedy

    Springtime in the Midwest can often lead to times of tragedy. This was evident with the latest round of tornadoes and storms that swept across the Midwest. From homes completely destroyed, to businesses who lost everything, to families suffering the agony of loved ones who lost their lives. Mother nature spares the feelings of no one. Unfortunately this often can lead to feelings of despair and ho…Read More

  6. Isn’t it about time to give up?

    During the first three months of they year it seems everyone is obsessed with giving things up. New Years Resolutions first and then comes Lent, the time of the year where millions of people across the globe promise to give something up. Some will fast and give up food. Others will attempt to curb those bad habits they’ve tried to swear off for years. So many different things to “try and give …Read More

  7. Making waves

    As we prepare to enter the warmer months of the year many people have started visualizing how they will be spending their spring and summer. Many will hang out at the pool. Some will take vacations to glamorous exotic destinations. Some will spend an unforgettable summer spending time with family, making memories they will treasure for the rest of their lives. Whatever the experience is, hopefully…Read More

  8. Mental Health Physical

    Time for a physical Why do those words have to sound so painful? Wouldn’t it be nice if that were a sign of something positive? Often times we anticipate bad news or just await the awkward feeling of baring it all in front of a stranger. Day after day many people do make that undesirable trip to the doctor to receive their physical. They understand the importance of keeping up on good physical h…Read More

  9. Stop complaining

    “People complain too much” A quote that I heard today while driving in to the office. It caught me with full force. In the same conversation I also heard, “people should start worrying about being interested, and stop worrying about being interesting”. Another powerful quote that really just resonated with me. Turn on a television on any given day and you will see some athlete finding a wa…Read More

  10. Insomnia – Not just another Stephen King Novel

    How annoying is it to lie in bed at night and just let every single thought that passes through you mind stop and relax for a while. I mean, it’s not like you really wanted to go to sleep. Great. It’s been two hours and you’ve now successfully planned a way to clean the house, do some things to get caught up at work, itemized everything you have to get done before the next major holiday, and…Read More