Frank Horbelt is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) with a Master of Science degree in clinical counseling from Emporia State University (2019).  He is currently pursuing a doctorate in human services at Capella University, where he is attempting to develop new programs and services for autistic adults. 

Frank has a special interest in working with autistic adults, and particularly late-, self- and/or un-diagnosed autistic or neurodiverse adults, but has worked with a variety of clients, including clients experiencing depression, anxiety, and other issues, and clients in batterers’- and sex offender treatment programs.  Frank is an LGBTQ ally, believes black lives matter, and is happy to work with couples or clients who practice ethical non-monogamy or polyamory. 

Prior to his mid-life decision to change careers and become a counselor, Frank had fulfilling career experiences as a truck stop manager, a controller for a small manufacturer, a public accountant and a hipster tea bar owner.  A lifelong avid reader and believer in continuous personal growth and development, Frank believes his diverse experiences and lifelong quest for continued personal growth is part of what makes him a great counselor. 

Frank’s therapeutic style is eclectic and evolving as he continues to learn more.  Some of his many areas of interest include narrative therapy, Jungian concepts, transpersonal psychology, solutions-focused therapy, and psychedelic-assisted therapy.  Regardless of the therapeutic framework or school of thought, Frank hopes his open-minded, empathetic demeanor will put you at ease and help you process whatever is currently troubling you.  Frank is currently accepting new clients aged 18 and up.