Even the happiest moments in life can cause us to need to process and contemplate. If you just got married, you are going through a huge life change; being ready for those changes can help you navigate the next chapter in your life. New marriages can benefit from marriage counseling to adjust to the happy changes marriage brings.

Living situation

Depending on your living situation before marriage, your life may have changed in a big way. If marriage meant moving in with your spouse, you will need to adjust to their habits and routines. This can be a great time to deepen your relationship and know each other better. Even with this happy change, everyone needs alone time and space, and you will find a balance that works in your marriage.


Of course there will still be fights in marriage, but hopefully there will be a new-found security with your recently married status. There is a change that takes place after marriage, knowing that the person you are fighting with is your partner in life. Use this security to fight more effectively, and really tackle issues knowing that you have a united goal of a happy marriage.


Marriage brings two people together and also unites their finances. However you choose to manage your merged monies, you now have the responsibility of thinking of your spouse when making purchases or large financial decisions. This can seem daunting, but also has the benefit of reaching common financial goals or saving together for shared experiences.

Although everyone will have their unique story to tell, know that you are not alone in experiencing major changes after marriage. If you are seeking marriage counseling to address some of these issues, know that you are taking a great step toward a happy marriage.