Sometimes counseling can only do so much to help us through the tough times in our lives. Complementing counseling with medication can make a big difference for patients who are suffering from conditions like depression or bipolar disorder. If our counselors believe that you are in need of medical evaluation and medication management, they will recommend that you meet with Cheryl, our medication management professional. She has more than 10 years of experience as a nurse practitioner, and is extremely knowledgable in medication evaluation and management. She provides medication evaluations and management services to our patients, to ensure that each and every patient is on the proper medication and medication dosage, and  that the patient is not having any extreme side effects with the medication(s). She works with patients ages 12 and up. Cheryl is well known in the medical community and can provide great recommendations to other health professionals (and comes highly recommended herself!).

If you would like Cheryl to evaluate your medication regimen, she would be happy to do so. It is best to schedule an appointment with Cheryl following a counseling session. A visit with Cheryl will be recommended by your counselor, if and when it is necessary for your treatment. If your counselor has recommended Cheryl, book your appointment today. Contact our office to schedule your appointment today! She accepts most types of commercial insurance, as well as Medicare and Medicaid.