How annoying is it to lie in bed at night and just let every single thought that passes through you mind stop and relax for a while. I mean, it’s not like you really wanted to go to sleep.

Great. It’s been two hours and you’ve now successfully planned a way to clean the house, do some things to get caught up at work, itemized everything you have to get done before the next major holiday, and counted sheep until the sun came up. Maybe you’ll see what’s on television. . . .tic toc…2 hours later…guess you’ll try this sleep thing again. Ahh, finally some rest…Buzz…time to get up. It’s 6 am.

Sound familiar? Every single night across this wonderful globe people struggle to turn their brains off at night and find peaceful sleep. Days, weeks, and sometimes months drag on with the hope of eventually being able to find peaceful sleep. Why can’t sleep just come naturally? You know you are tired, why doesn’t your brain get the memo?

Unfortunately, many people that struggle with insomnia don’t seek out the answers to possible causes for their unpeaceful sleep. They may feel as though it’s just them. Maybe they just need to lie there longer. Others do seek out some answers. They are told to try melatonin or another sleep aid. Or perhaps they try to take stimulant medication to help counter affect their brain activity. Disappointingly, not enough try the simple natural remedies that could potentially help ease their stress.

In the fast paced world we live in we have forgotten how to slow down. We have forgotten how to relax. Most importantly we have forgotten how to self soothe. As a man in his mid-30’s I’m not too young to remember days of sitting on a deck with grandparents and watching them just enjoy the moment. Sure they had many stories to fill the moment, but it was relaxing. I also remember playing outside as a kid until I was almost completely drained of energy and I openly welcomed a good night’s rest.

So how do we cure this insomnia? We have to remember how to relax during the day. No matter what the age of the individual everyone has the capacity for learning how to relax. Everyone can learn how to find time to address what we need to address during the day. And if we don’t get to it…it will be there tomorrow. We need to not get caught up in our worry about what we have no control and focus solely on that which we can control. By doing these simple things we will be decreasing the amount of sheep that we will need to count at night.