During the first three months of they year it seems everyone is obsessed with giving things up. New Years Resolutions first and then comes Lent, the time of the year where millions of people across the globe promise to give something up. Some will fast and give up food. Others will attempt to curb those bad habits they’ve tried to swear off for years. So many different things to “try and give up”. I always find it interesting the things I hear that people are sacrificing for 40 days. It’s almost as interesting as the things people attempt to give up when the make their New Years Resolutions.

The exciting part is when people do have success stories. We’ve all known someone who, the day after Easter, screams in excitement, “I make it”! I gave up FaceBook for a whole 40 days. Or – I gave up pop, tv, cussing, or even drinking. Success stories. They are wonderful to hear. But why stop at 40 days? Why stop with just those bad habits? Why don’t people attack the other characteristics about themselves they don’t like. You can do it. Anyone can give up. All it takes is commitment.

Picture a world where we went through our day and we never had to hear negative self talk. Everyone decided that it was a crime to engage in negative self-talk. Imagine it for a moment. You’re sitting at work and the person next to you says, “I just really suck at this. I can’t seem to do anything right in my life”. And then, you turn to them and tell them that they now have to pay their fine for negative self-talk. Sure it would be met with initial resistance because that’s human nature. We tend to question change and things that are uncomfortable. But what if it lead to an environment where all personal-negativity was looked at as negative as committing a crime against others.

That’s a world I would love to see. However, I don’t want to see a world where we dictate what others can and should do with their life. Free will is a wonderful thing. So what that leaves us with is just personal choice. Personal choice to give up. Make the choice to give up blaming yourself. Give up your negative self-talk. Give up holding onto your past mistakes. In a world obsessed with trying to give up things, let’s make the commitment to give up the negativity.