As we prepare to enter the warmer months of the year many people have started visualizing how they will be spending their spring and summer. Many will hang out at the pool. Some will take vacations to glamorous exotic destinations. Some will spend an unforgettable summer spending time with family, making memories they will treasure for the rest of their lives. Whatever the experience is, hopefully more people will take advantage of opportunities to make waves in their life.

“Making waves” can have many different meanings for many different people. For me I first think of water. I think of an ocean and waves crashing into the shoreline. Beach goers anxiously awaiting for the next new wave to come crashing in. Hours and hours of simple priceless fun. So what is it about these waves that make them so hypnotic? Realistically there is nothing magical about them. So why do people of all ages, from infants to seniors, enjoy such simplicity.

Laying on a beach, playing in the sand, building a sand castle. Maybe building a tunnel in the sand. Maybe covering up a sibling all the way to their head. Maybe walking hand in hand as far as you can as you watch the sun set. Or perhaps a romantic morning staring at the waves as the sun arises. No matter the experience, there always seems to be a new memory, a new imprint.

Every single time a waves crashes ashore it washes something away. It leaves a new mark. Maybe it’s a sand castle gone. Maybe it’s a tunnel washed away. Maybe the imprint of foot prints are now no longer visible. Whatever it is, the wave has left it’s mark.

When we have the opportunity to make waves in our own life we often shy aware from the experience. We’re afraid of how others may react. We don’t want to “ruffle the waters”. We don’t want to mess things up. So often we tip toe around situations afraid to leave a mark or cause a stir. I can’t count how many times I’ve overheard conversations that included, “don’t go making waves”. Yet we flock to the beach to watch these waves do their magic.

Wouldn’t it be great if we excepted the challenge to make waves every time we see a need? Whether it be waves in our family. Waves in our marriage. Waves at work. Or in any other aspect of our lives. If we change our perspective to the idea that making waves could potentially lead to something more important, more valuable, more beautiful, or more positive in our life then maybe we wouldn’t be so negative about the landscape of our life. We would understand that it could be changed easily, simply by making waves.